Carmen and Brad, Dallas

"On several occasions Eric has driven our family cars, enabling our travels to be seamless, testament to his honesty and concern."

Becca and Alan, Dallas

"Our experience with Eric has been nothing short of everything that has been promised.  Eric is reliable, prompt, and takes excellent care of our cars."

Barney Adams, Founder Adams Golf

"For many years now, my wife Jackie and I have utilized Eric to drive in a variety of situations.  Having complete trust in him, we  have recommended him to our friends and would to anyone else."

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Jack and 'Sam' Dawson, Rio Verde, AZ

"Admirable organizatiion and integrity.  Eric authentically cares about his clients and their property. We highly recommend him."

bringing you freedom from the road

Maxi Berry, Dallas

"Woof woof woof.  Woof, woof.  Woof woof woof woof, woof.  (I navigator, Eric best driver.  From desert of CA, to Big D, to CO mountains.  Woof.)"

Butch Smith, Blue Sky Grooming, Houston

"Whether it's a motorhome to Seattle, classic pickup from Dallas, or BMW to Dallas, I always call Eric.  Every time its been a pleasure to work with him."

Future Client

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Barry H., Pampano Beach, FL

"While enjoying retirement in CT, I became physically incapacitated.  Eric , over the course of a week, saved the day by driving the wife, our two dogs, and I, in our motorhome pulling a car, back to southern Florida."